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  • Necromancer Sorceress & former Queen of Doria

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    "Through death I have found life."
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  1. Arali'an of the Void
    Arali'an of the Void

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    Nicknames: Formerly Aree.
    Title/Rank: Formerly the Queen of Doria.
    Race: Coluayi.
    Gender: Female.
    Culture: Dorian & Dorian Darkness.
    Once Arali'an was vibrant, loving and happy. She desired nothing more than to see Doria grow and flourish. Her powers of necromancy developed when she was assassinated the first time. Her living child was cut from her womb, the funeral rites conducted and she was buried in an elaborate funeral. Her mother whispered in her ear, calling her to awaken, and her abilities stirred inside her. It hurt... it ached... it burned as she arose from death. Her soul had been damaged with memories of the past, faces of friends and loved ones, all of it came back in a vivid flood of emotions. Before she realised it. Her hands had gripped around her mother's neck and strangled her.
    Each time she dies, her powers of necromancy and sorcery grow. The memories of the past slowly begin to fade away. All that remains is her ambition without the kindness she once had -- and a desire to find the lost child of hers.
    Arali'an has become distant, cold towards others, and feels a complete disconnect from the world around her. Bringing death to bring out Doria's restoration is the only way she remembers.
    Potions & poisons --
    Daggers --
    Appearance: She appears as a grieving widow. Her clothing is dark and often torn. Her face is pale and without the previous flush of colour to her skin tone.
    Face claim: Natalie Dormer.

    Mother: Chandra of the Coluayi (deceased)
    Siblings: Elordinan of Doria (deceased)
    Children: One son.
    Extended family:
    Paternal Line.
    Elordin's bloodline.
    Maternal Line.
    Collana (Coluayi Kingdom) Royal family.
    Arali'an was born in <> and never knew either of her parents. Her mother was under attacked from Dolori wishing to kill the royal twins. Her brother, Elordinan was taken away from her. The twins separated. She was raised by members of her extended family and soon had Tatiana of Eruscheval, Ailinora Autohaitian, and several other ladies as early companions. While relatively stable, there was a rush for Arali'an to learn everything she needed to learn in order to provide Doria with a strong monarch who would hopefully give them an heir in case something happened to her. Arali'an was a willing and adept pupil, desiring to learn and always wanted to please her tutors. Up until her hundredth birthday, Doria was ruled by a Council of Lords who would make decisions while she was able to grow and learn. However, she was given full control at that age, and many did not think she was ready due to her age.
    Arali'an struggled with many parts of her identity and learning what being the right type of ruler she wanted to be. There were many people who wished to take advantage for their own ends. She often felt frustrated, angry and never truly given a chance to grow up or to have a childhood. Her lessons were a source of pride for her.
    Over the next five hundred years she witnessed the change of fortunes in  Doria. The last Dorian ship sunk to the bottom and comdeming the rest of the refugees on Aelrin.
    She met <> in <> and instantly fell in love with him. A way when she is able to
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    Name | Species | Personality | Height | Appearance | History

    Name | Species | Personality | Height | Appearance | History

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