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Rules of LoD.


  • Players must be eighteen years or over to play the game.
  • No harassment or discriminatory behaviour towards others. Be courteous and polite to site members.
  • Any issues? Communicate. We're all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves.
  • Advertising on the advertising board only. (There is a space on your profile for a link, too.)
  • If you are going to be absent from the site. Please post a notice on the absence board to let other members know.



  • Join with your Player account. Use a nickname or something we can identify you by!
  • Only one player account per person is permitted.
  • After registering your account. Please post on the Introductions board! This lets us know that you are not a bot and then you may begin to create a character application.
  • Accounts require a valid email to be accepted.


Personal Limits & Blog.

  • On your general information on your profile. Please put your limits, please view mine for an example and feel free to decorate it as you wish.
  • All members are welcome to have their own blog on the game.


Site lore.

  • Please read the site lore to get a feel for the world. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.
  • Members are welcome to make contributions concerning site lore. However, things may be edited in order to fit in with the existing plots and history.


Character Creation

  • All characters must have an approved application before play can begin.
  • You may add more to the form if you like.
  • Edits at a later date are welcome. Please poke me to have another look at it.
  • Once your form has been approved feel free to make your Character Account Mask and reply to the face claims to claim the face.



  • No word count.
  • Mark your thread for sexual, sexual violent, violent, or otherwise potentially upsetting threads for people.
  • All threads are considered open unless marked otherwise.
  • Use the tags feature to say where the thread is taking place. E.g.  Relisel, etc.
  • Non-linear RP threads are permitted. Although remember that things from past threads will impact present threads.
  • Deceased characters are able to be played on the Back in time and AU board only.


Gaining Skills & Abilities

  • Skills and abilities are able to be gained through RP. Please remember that these skills would take many long years of study and training to upgrade, and this would be present in your RP threads.


Tagging System

  • Members may be tagged using @ followed by their username.