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    problem solved! She's in the current era then.
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    I'm making Xander in the current time so we could have it that she was born now rather than before. I'm not sure if you want to hook Xae in there although the ancestor route sounds good, too. I'm also have a legendary Xae and Justy cheese roll go down in history as a tradition, too. >.> xD
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    so first reaction: Muh baebee Xaenia! She ded. she like...so ded she not even a memory ded. XD well the original from when Doria was united is dead, long dead. so...I'm either gonna make her descendant and Xae becomes a family name or I'm just skipping her ahead a couple dozen generations so I can play her more. I had other characters but I was not as attached, so...yeah. XD
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    Hiiiiiiii I'm Lindi I'll be playing Xaenia when I get off my butt and make her character sheet. I'm weird, I'm currently 4 months pregnant and All I eat is Cheese... send help. Help is more cheese.
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    I'm small and all I eat is cheese. I am ruled by a tiny creature within my tummy.
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