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  1. She walked through the forest. In years past their would have been travelers passing through or creatures. Now? There was nothing but silence, and signs of battles occurring long ago. Her feet were bare, marked with sores and she could not feel the pain with each step. Her gown around her body was torn, dirty and well-worn. She no longer worried about these things. Her mind was always focused on the goal of finding her lost baby and revenge. Arali'an barely felt any emotions anymore. Her once vibrant face was one of emptiness. Occasionally she would get flashes of the past and the joys she experienced. The loves she had, the friendships, the pain and the fear of the world changing around her. Now no more. A small bird was caught in a spider's web. It fluttered about in a desperate attempt to escape the prison. Arali'an reached down and gently pulled it from the web. She stroked the remaining pieces of web away, allowed the bird to properly flutter it's wings and bounce in her hands. She remembered something.... a memory of birds in the past.. their songs once filled her with happiness, joy, and many species would serve as companions. This one would also do the same. With ease she snapped it's neck like a twig. The limbs twitched for a moment before the eyes shone green for a moment and so did hers. Forever connecting the pair of them. She brought it close to her lips, kissed it tenderly and looked down at it. "Go. You will be my eyes." She whispered, and watched as it flew up into the sky.
  2. Working on completing the races information. 😄 I've added some pictures to help with the visuals of the races. Once those are done I will work on the current Dorian cultures, then move onto the fallen Dorian then Aelrin cultures.

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      It's looking good Manda! 😄 

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      Thanks Lea! 😄

      Getting the pics to help with the visuals has helped a lot.

  3. Manda

    Old banners.

    Found some old banners I wanted to share.
  4. Added some more to the Abilities & Skills page. Check it out! 🙂



  5. SABINE  <picture here> Nicknames: Sabine the Clanless Title/Rank: Age: Race: Coluayi. Gender: Female. Culture: Dorian Darkness. Personality: Skills: Abilities: Appearance: Face claim: Father: Mother: Siblings: Daiki. Spouse: Extended family:   History. Animals/Livestock/pets (List as necessary) Name | Species | Personality | Height | Appearance | History
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    We're open!

    LoD is now open, and while it isn't complete. It is getting there, lol. Today I did some work on the 1,500 year timeline. There has been considerable progress with it too. Basically, it is a little every single day to get it back up and running. It is interesting getting into the mindset of several characters again. Especially now that so much has happened with them, too. I still have a lot of pages to finish off and organise. The skin looks amazing and is so inspiring! 😄
  7. Just letting everyone know that I will be adding a passage of time system and dating threads. Just so we can keep things somewhat organised and not get too overwhelmed. xD Does anyone have any ideas for how you think it should work? Also I need my new desktop because my potato keeps struggling and it is about to go out the window lol
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    Update. I found an old draft of my old map so things should be moving much quicker map wise. 😄
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    This or That

    Soft lollies. Fruit or vegetables?
  10. Whenever I see Gugu Mbatha-Raw I think of you xD
  11. LOL! I love being asked for character ideas with faces. I watch that much tv I may as well put it to good use! 😄
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