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  1. Manda

    LoD Opens!

    And we are open! 😄
  2. Manda

    Leading up to re-opening

    We are getting closer and closer to the day that LoD finally re-opens to the public. A lot of the cultures need to be finished and sorted out. Although I have found a better system to work on information and make it interesting, knowledgeable and exciting. I'm working on the map for Doria especially with how far the Darkness has spread. I'm excited. I'm doing more and my life seems to be going much better this year. Admittedly it is the 14th of Jan, but still. Whoo hoo!
  3. Manda


    Goes here.
  4. Manda


    Goes here.
  5. Manda


    It is getting done on the weekend!
  6. Whooo! Getting there.

  7. It depends really. I've changed my playbys from a lot of sources in the past. Arali'an's now fits her perfectly when it didn't before and I went through a few faces for her. Same with Tatiana, too. I'm happy with them both. Daron's (if he was still alive) probably would have had to have changed because he would have been older and race wise? He would be dead. Sometimes I watch a tv show and get an idea for a character or I have an idea then see someone, and instantly think. PERFECT! 😄 So many options!
  8. Manda

    Derek Ap Daron

    FULL NAME HERE <picture here> Nicknames: Title/Rank: Age: Race: Gender: Culture: Personality: Skills: Abilities: Appearance: Face claim: Father: Mother: Siblings: Spouse: Extended family: History. Animals/Livestock/pets (List as necessary) Name | Species | Personality | Height | Appearance | History
  9. Manda

    One fact about yourself

    What is something about yourself you wish to share? I like having different options when I drink. I tend to have coke, water, coffee and tea and I alternate between all three. lol
  10. What video games have you been playing a lot of lately?
  11. Fallout lore vids on Youtube.
  12. Manda

    Manda's intro!

    -waves back- hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Tiff!
  13. Manda

    The Tiffster

    You forgot to add food. 😛
  14. Manda

    What places would you like?

    That's true, it will be a bit harder because Relisel is a wasteland now and a lot of threads used to happen there. I am going to have Arnador be the new capital that people will go to and visit to keep people interacting with each other.