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  1. Tiff

    Arnor II of Tun'ra

    ARNOR II of TUN'RA <picture here> Nicknames: The Shadow (officially his name when Arch Commander of the Dark Brotherhood) Title/Rank: First King of Tun'ra, Arch Commander of the Dark Brotherhood, High Lord of Eruscheval. Crown Prince of Alleria (formerly yet formally attained) Age: To infinity and beyond! Race: Purein Gender: Male Culture: Allerian/Dark Brotherhood, Eruscheval by marriage. Personality: Arnor is confident, charismatic and unfaltering in the face of hardship. He rarely backs down on decisions but thinks long about making them.His loss has however made him strict and protective to the point of overbearing on his love ones and his people. Skills: Bow (Master), Lightsword (Master), Duelsword (Beginner), Shield (Beginner), Spear (Introductory), Ridden Archery (Master), Ridden Lightsword (Master). An astute strategist and experienced commanding officer, Arnor is very confident in kingdom governence, deligation and politics and crafty enough to pick up on wordplay and reading between lines. Economics and building rapport as well as conflict resolution are still factors he struggles with, preferring to leave them to his queen while he manages other courtly matters. Abilities: Arnor could have inhereited his mothers gift for magic, however he refuses to practice and as such has no ability, knowledge or experience with it. Appearance: Deep seeded, unnatural burns scars down his back extending over his right shoulder (some over his upper chest and neck) and down his right arm stopping just above his elbow from his time tortured in malumatrum. Face claim: Craig Parker (Legend of the Seeker) Father: High King Arnor I of Alleria, formerly Captain Arnor of Eohiren (deceased). Mother: High Queen Tundra of Alleria (deceased). Siblings: Prince Valinor of Alleria (deceased) & Last Queen Arndra of Alleria (formerly) Spouse: Tatiana Autohaitian Extended family: To come History. To come Livestock Naddiar, Grey/White Equine Stallion (Pureii Horse dam and an Ellerian Unicorn sire), his hyrbidisation resulted in a missing gene related to height and muscle restriction and as such stands 17.2hh with a body form closer related to that of a draught than a beautiful Pureii Horse. Despite this, the infertile stallions movement is smooth and flashy, while his mane and tail are kept long and out - Arnor's attempt to keep him looking as much like a Pureii Horse as possible. Naddiar was born from a freak encounter that normally wouldn't occur, implying the Allerian Unicorns are genetically related to Purein Horses somehw. In the wilds of Alleria the young colt grew fast, much faster than normal and stood out - not exactly in a good way. Like all foals born in the Unforgotten Herds, Naddiar waited patiently for a Dark Brotherhood iniciate to choose him, may years passed before the Crown Prince finally did and the two underwent vigorous brotherhood training, which included an indepth bonding of rider to horse, so that both were quite intuned. to be continued...
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    The Tiffster

    I am Tiff, a suck hole for Cats, Horses, Ark, History, Fantasy and Sci Fi. Tiff is done.
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    Manda's intro!

    -waves back with a stupid grin- Hiiiii Manda
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    This or That

    Chocolate! Hard Lollies or Soft Lollies?
  5. Well Nothing Because Voltron ended and so did She Ra -cries- I can continue watching The Good Place and Call A Midwife but cant be bothered watching them.
  6. Tiff

    What places would you like?

    Oh and I didnt say what places. I have no idea because.. well firstly not sure all the places that were there and secondly, its beena while so not sure what places are still there or have popped up.
  7. Tiff

    What places would you like?

    The blocks are different and make it seem less forumy, but navigation to me is a little awkwa... so its minor navigation issue v not looking forumy. I vote not looking forumy, so blocks are great to stay 😄
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    I am Lea and this is my Pet Bear.

    WTF have I been missing? I wanna go on a bear hunt! But not sure how we're gonna get through the long grass ... ?
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    Tiff. Tiff. Tiff. Tiff. Tiff. Tiff. Tiff. Tiff. Tiff. Tiff.








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      and goodbye....

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    Whoo hoo

    And now we dance!