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  1. Sir Reven Inui D'Rose Nicknames: The Rev, Rev, or "teacher" Title/Rank: Master of the Barracks, teacher of the younglings. Age: Old enough to be your grandfather (probably) Race: Purein Gender: Male Culture: Dorian Personality: Here lies Reven. Beneath his dashing smile, and open arms, he is but a bitter, withered husk. There are days where he feels like he has nothing left to give. There are days where can barely get out of bed- but he must. Because if he doesn't then one of his rogue younglings will probably dump a bucket of icey water on him - they've done it before. Reven exists now only as a teacher, a vessel of knowledge, skills and experience. He has all the time in the world now that his beloved is no longer with him. And his horse is an asshole, so he's not super fun to hang out with. He prides himself on his patience, and kind words of praise. He should have been a Dad, not a knight. Alas, he has no heart to give anymore. Only cautionary tales. Skills: Horse riding, Smithing, short swords. Can fit at least 2 balls in his mouth. Abilities: None. Appearance: Shexy. Face claim: Brandon Lee Father: As far as he is concerned, he was no father. Mother: He only remembers her hands. They were warm. Siblings: His faithful stallion is his only sibling, and he's a fucking horse. Spouse: He won't admit to himself that he still cries silently at night to be held in comfort. Extended family: Neigh. History. Those who know him only know him as "the Rev". He showed up in the town of Kallast one day as the darkness consumed his beloved home, his lover, his lifeline. Everything gone. He was not the only sojourner, wandering the wastes of (insert one of those provinces here. The cool one.). Many of the sleepy town of Kallast were familiar with refugees. But he was different. He had a military background, he had a magnificent, brutal beast that carried him to war (and from it too, damn horse keeps saving his life for some reason). So they urged him to take up residence in the long forgotten barracks. And so he did. He swept the stalls, cut the grass, cleaned out the gross kitchen filled with vermin. Place started to feel damn homely. Even his shitty friend agreed with him, although the stalls were a little too small for his liking. He preferred the ones back home. The one day the kids show up. They want to learn how to fight, like many of their strapping men of the town, all lost to the darkness. And so he became the teacher. It's a one-Purein, one-Pureii run shit show of clown fuckery, but at least the kids enjoy learning some real useful skills. Afterall, who the hell else is going to show them? Their Daddies? Don't bother asking him what came beforehand, he won't tell no-one. The kids will often whisper stories of the odd Purein, staring into the flame of a candle in the dead of the night, eyes glazed - lost in memories of his old life. Animals/Livestock/pets Name: Apocalypse Species: Purein Horse Personality: This fine specimen is a real goddamn asshole, you know? He bites, kicks, and damn near savages ears off. His teeth are instruments of pure torture. He once scalped a guy. Or so his Purein brother says. Height: 16hh Appearance: Jet black with a blue sheen History: This bad boy was never meant to be bonded with his current Purein. His first connection was a good Purein blacksmith that taught Rev the tools of the trade. But there was an unpleasant event and his life was snuffed out. And now he hangs about with Rev. Their friendship is real, yes. But Apocalypse looks to Rev as though the younger, foolish brother that wants to get his ears pierced because "all the cool kids are doing it waaaaah."
  2. Daiki Nicknames: D-dawg Title/Rank: The ghoul on Winter's Hill Age: X Race: Coluayi/demon Gender: Male Culture: Dorian Personality: I wouldn't get too close, if I were you. This one bites. If you don't see those fierce eyes in the darkness first, well... let's just say that people are losing limbs left, right and centre at the moment. Affectionately known as the Ghoul on Winter's Hill, you'll find this young chap clawing at the rock in an attempt to carve out a little home for himself. He doesn't speak much, not to the general public anyway. He'll bare his blood stained fangs and screech, launching at anything that comes too close with open, claw-like hands with jagged fingernails. He is no longer of sound, rational mind. Not a mindless, not...whatever he was before. He has seen the realm of the dead, and is now doing anything in his power to keep himself from going back there. He does not like who is waiting for him on the otherside. Skills: Maiming, ripping, clawing. Can also make a decent stew if you give him some rudimentary tools to work with. Abilities: Appearance: Blood-spattered in appearance, layers of dried blood cake his face, body and clothes. He'll chew on anything he gets his hands on like a damn dog, so remnants of whatever he last had in his mouth is usually smeared over his face. Some onlookers believe he does this as a means of artistic expression, others believe his mind no longer processes rational thought. In a way, they are both right. Tattered rags adorn his boney, flea-ridden frame. Even if he is presented with new clothes (his sister will often find him something to wear) it will usually get caught on something, or chewed, or ripped, and he will be back in rags in a matter of hours. Face claim: Hitsugi/Mitsuo Ikari Father: No father, he was the result of a passing fancy from a bored sorceress or whatever the hell Shaktara calls herself nowadays. Mother: A fair maiden who conceived twins from what she believed to be by rape from a demon. She couldn't be further from the truth. Siblings: Sabine, or as Daiki likes to call her "growling noises". Spouse: For who could tame ...a beast? Extended family: Nup. History. When we last left our lovable fuckup, he had settled nicely in the Dark Fort. After that was taken over and the darkness crept, his lord and master was killed and he was enslaved by Arali'an of the Void. She kept him as her personal pet. But he was not house-trained by his previous master. He chewed the furniture, pissed on the rugs and humped the mattresses. Arali'an punished him. She intended to put him down for the big sleep, but changed her mind and brought him back. Only he was missing a few pieces of his mind. Unhappy with the result, he was booted from his position as royal pet and left to wander the wastelands. He took up residence at the foot of a hill, one stormy night. And just...never left. Now he terrorises the village down the street for food. Because that's what good neighbours do, right? Some will leave scraps out on purpose, feeling bad for him, like the stray, flea-bitten mongrel he is. No one mentions the mysterious disappearances of all the village's cats. Animals/Livestock/pets His sister keeps trying to foster stray cats but he just ends up eating them. He can't help it- they taste like chicken.
  3. Lord Cerberus Tyr Nicknames: Cerry Title/Rank: Lord Age: ??? Race: Purein Gender: Male Culture: Arehein/Dorian Personality: He quite simply, does not have time for your problems. This old Lord had begun to get used to the cushy life of having everything lain out for him. Then it was all snatched away from him. He despises all that is the darkness, but instead of assuming his place as the proud, strong warrior he was meant to be, he has instead chosen to cloister himself away from life. Don't feel too bad for him, though. He feels himself a coward for running, and his self-appointed exile is the punishment he deserves for failing his queen. He doesn't really talk to anyone anymore, just keeps himself to himself. Skills: Trained in archery when he was a knight in Arehein. Abilities: no. Appearance: A shaggy mop of hair that frames his long face. He's grown a beard now too. And he's thankfully kept a respectable hut, so he's nice and clear and well to do. You won't really see him smile, or give much of an emotional response to anything. Within his deep emerald eyes is a tiny flickering flame of life, but nothing more. It's almost like he's completely shut himself down to the outside world. He treasures his solitude, now, in the middle of nowhere. And as a bonus, at least he doesn't have to wear those stupid robes anymore. Face claim: Jared Leto Father: He doesn't remember Mother: He doesn't remember Siblings: No Spouse: No Extended family: No History. After the fall of the capital, and his failing to save the queen, Cerberus began his aimless travelling. He grabbed a random horse and left with only the clothes on his back. He left behind everything - not that he had had time to grab any of his possessions anyway. He found himself in the middle of the wasteland, in a totally deserted location. There, he set up base camp. It's not home, but it's better than sleeping in a ditch with no hot water. He likes his lifestyle now as a hermit. Because if he just shuts his eyes, puts his hands on his ears and yells loudly, he can ignore the evil that's slowly engulfing the land around him. Animals/Livestock/pets (List as necessary) Name : Horse Species : Horse Personality : It neighs, eats, shits. Height : 16.2 hh Appearance: Appaloosa spots History: Horse was acquired as a means to leave the capital before the darkness overwhelmed it. Lord Cerberus never bothered to name it. He figured it would have died by now but the damn thing still keeps living.
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  6. Most of us (or probably just me) pinch their character's faces from an established tv show, movie or favourite celebrity. My characters have been around for a few years now and I've found my sources to be a weird mixed bag - from terrible movies to J-rock (yeah I went through the phase, no I'm not ashamed 😉) My question to you is, where do you get your faces from? What makes you decide that the mug you're staring at is indeed the right fit for your character? Or are you the type to see a face and want to build a character based on it? (I'm guilty of this too 🙂)
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  12. Hello. I am Lea. This is my introduction. I live in a cave. It is dark and drippy. There may be a bear living with me. Who wants to go on a bear hunt to find the bear? There may be some tall grass.
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