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  1. I literally look for famous black people. XD
  2. problem solved! She's in the current era then.
  3. so first reaction: Muh baebee Xaenia! She ded. she like...so ded she not even a memory ded. XD well the original from when Doria was united is dead, long dead. so...I'm either gonna make her descendant and Xae becomes a family name or I'm just skipping her ahead a couple dozen generations so I can play her more. I had other characters but I was not as attached, so...yeah. XD
  4. Lindis

    I be Lindi

    Hiiiiiiii I'm Lindi I'll be playing Xaenia when I get off my butt and make her character sheet. I'm weird, I'm currently 4 months pregnant and All I eat is Cheese... send help. Help is more cheese.
  5. I'm small and all I eat is cheese. I am ruled by a tiny creature within my tummy.


    1. Manda


      And utterly adorable. xD

      Also the baby is the future cheese roll champion.

      -pushes Justy down- xD

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