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Past 1500 years

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These are all loose notes atm 😛



-- Elordinan of Doria and Arali'an of Doria both agree to a truce, later a friendship and family is restored with both of them fighting the Void. The civil war ends. 

Arali'an marries a purein, Abbadon Xalarax who becomes King of Doria.

Tatiana and Shazza marry.


- Elordinan is slain in battle. Believed to be slain by Abbadon.

Birth of <     > Tatiana and Shazza's daughter.

Gregrelan falls to heavy losses and Eruscheval holds out. Armunil of Eruscheval is slain in a final charge.


Plague begins to hit Galatia and the shoreline.


The last ship to Doria sails and sinks.

The Kracken creature is slain and the children cannot be found.


Lorranda and Ridri are both destroyed. Refugees move to the other cities.


Arali'an is slain by Abaddon when she is pregnant. National mourning. Tatiana of Eruscheval gives her the last rites and the future of Doria looks to be uncertain.

Arali'an's child is not found.

Tatiana takes the child in secret and hides him away from view.


Abaddon tries to build an alliance with Lords to try to build a powerbase. The Lord of Arnador takes an interest.

Birth of Shazza & Tatt's second child.


A dark necromancer sorceress appears


Rumour that the previous Dark Lord is slain by the necromancer sorceress.





Relisel falls

Rumour of the Lord of Arnador sabotaging the roads to stop the various armies from everywhere from coming to try to defend the capital. However, there is no proof.


Books and information from the Great Library begin to be transported to Arnador.

Arnador becomes the unofficial capital of Doria.


The provinces begin to break down alliance wise and isolation begins to occur.

Every so often the knights (and others) send people into Relisel to see what is there -- it is currently in ruins.


The creatures begin to isolate themselves away from the rest of the population.

Shazza hears a rumour of Alleria and goes back to see what happened, etc.


It becomes known that the necromancer is Arali'an of Doria.

Relisel and surrounding provinces get attacked again. Eruscheval is attacked and is saved in a pitched battle. The firstborn child of Eruscheval is slain.


Refugees from Alleria arrive and create Tun'ra with the lost prince Arnor II as their King.


The Council of knights tries to enter Arnador but are barred unless they acknowledge the Lord as the King of Doria. They refuse and are sent away.

The Lord of Arnador blocks the Northern and Southern roadways in order to limit trade, communications, etc.



The Lord of Arnador has sent out summons to the provinces to meet him.


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