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Okay guys,

I've spoken about this with Tiff and Lea although nothing is set in stone just yet. Basically we will be doing a time jump either 1,000 to 10,000 years. Which will mean the immortal characters would likely still be alive (or they could die).

Essentially, the Dorian darkness has begun to advance downwards and has gained a lot of power.

Queen Arali'an and the Prince both die. Leaving the Dorian throne open. There are two possible heirs from the bloodline. Ellenmere of Doria, Elordin's granddaughter and a priestess, and Adlene of Doria, the princess who was driven mad.     Great choices! ? ?

I'm going to have Tatiana's brother Armunil die, so it leaves her as the heir to Eruscheval.

Tiff has already told me of some of her ideas for the Allerians (Ellurians? I can't remember the spelling ? ) having a civil split. And they're coming over to Doria! So I'll leave it to Tiff to tell you guys some of the possibilities. We're still working out all the kinks for the backstory.

So, Lindi and Anna, what would you like for your characters or for their descendents? We can have later versions of the same characters although Doria is in a bit of a shitty position these days. Anna what would you like to happen with Lagora?

Feel free to ask questions or say your ideas, etc.

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Loose timeline/list of possible events and things happening.

 -- Civil war peeks -- Arali'an and The Prince both die.

-- No Dorian heirs. Tension & civil war between the races, a couple of provinces get taken by the darkness.

Plagues and diseases, because why not?

-- In the last couple of months there is a new leader of the darkness who is a lot more ambtious and wants to conquer Doria. Now the nation is no longer as strong or as united as it once was. Now is the time.



Galatia- Plague and disease ridden. More info coming. Population decimated.

Relisel - mostly deserted.

Arnador - new capital, some due took it over?

Argento, Tortia, something, - under control of the knights, consider thermselves to be Dorian.

Provinces - consider themselves to be more isolated than they were previously.

Aryn Valley - Lost contact with the creatures. Possible tension there?

Shoreline - under threat, occasional raids by pirates.

Equkreiger - Taken refugees from Gregrealan,

Cerrignduw -

Equinac -

Borderlands -

Voxinac -

Arnador -

Relisel -

Eruscheval -

Elsa -

The Isle -

Evereveign -

Elvore -

Lorern -

Orra -

Ridri -

Valarms -

Laronia -

Lagora & Lagora Minor -

Kinyatal -

Lorranda -

Xar-arah -

Laiva -

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so first reaction: Muh baebee Xaenia! She ded. she like...so ded she not even a memory ded.  XD
well the original from when Doria was united is dead, long dead. so...I'm either gonna make her descendant and Xae becomes a family name or I'm just skipping her ahead a couple dozen generations so I can play her more.  I had other characters but I was not as attached, so...yeah. XD

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I'm making Xander in the current time so we could have it that she was born now rather than before. I'm not sure if you want to hook Xae in there although the ancestor route sounds good, too.

I'm also have a legendary Xae and Justy cheese roll go down in history as a tradition, too. >.> xD

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