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Redgemond Allaton

Redgemond Allaton

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Nicknames/Other names or aliases: Redgey.

Title/Rank: Captain, Sir.

Occupation: Knight, specifically a Chariter Knight.



Age: 127

Race: Greater Mortal.

Gender: Male.

Culture: Cerrignduw, Dorian.



Redgemond has never given up on the ideals of Doria and wanting to defend the extended Kingdom. He believes in caring for those less fortunate than himself. While the Chariter order is a shadow of it's former self. He still sees the value in it.

As a husband, he is dedicated and loving. As a father, he wants only the best for his children and gets irritated when they do not live up to their full potential. While there is no Dorian monarch on the throne, and he had been raised with the throne being vacant. He believes in the Elordin ideals that were put in place. Each race would protect each other and live in harmony. Often he will find himself in a father role to many of the people around him. He is helpful, considerate of others, and believes in teaching.

The downsides to his personality is he can be grumpy and needs to find something to keep his mind occupied.



Long sword - Advanced

Sword and shield - Intermediate.

Horsemanship - Advanced.

Daggers - Intermediate.

Spear - Beginner.


Reading and Writing - Advanced.

Healing -

Languages - Common, Amari, and other Dorian dialects. Advanced.

Abilities: None.



He stands at 5'11ft tall. With grey-blue eyes, grey cropped short hair and a grey, close shaven beard with dark eyebrows (a sign of what his hair colour used to be). His hands are weathered, with a light olive skin tone, and an average build.

Face claim: Sean Connery.


Father: Redgelor Allaton

Mother: Monarra Jarra Allaton

Siblings: None.


Spouse: Jaera Aeler


Redgria Allaton -- Court Librarian. (110)

Mondan Allaton -- Knight, enforcer. (80)

Arramona Allaton -- Singer, dancer. (45)



Extended family:

A descendant of Sir Redge, a famous chariter knight known for his kindness and courage.

The family are fairly numerous on both sides and he comes from an ancient, well respected Dorian knight family who has frequently served to protect Doria.

Sera Kilrra Vanya -- Knight he was squired to.





Redgemond's family came from Argento, one of the Dorian knight provinces and his mother's side has strong roots in Cerrignduw. He was raised with the Elordin ideals, and focused on the knights. Neither of his parents were knights yet he had knights in his family. He heard about the tales of old.

Redgemond first became a page and learned through the academy. He was a quiet and hard working pupil, eager to learn yet constantly doubted his abilities and talents. He became a squire at seventeen before becoming fully trained knight at twenty five and inducted into the Paladin Order. During his training he met his wife, Jaera and married her soon after. Over the years they were blessed with their three children.

Injury on the battlefield to his right leg and lower back. Through a mixture of magic and skill, he was treated although lost a lot of the strength in his lower limbs. He asked to be reassigned to a different Order and soon found himself to be enjoying the work more. He learned about the varying cultures and found his patient personality helpful when it came to helping people in distress.

Meets the Allerians and helps them to travel to the Island of Solitda (later known as Tun'ra).

Redgemond then continued his service to Doria in a mostly supportive role with minimal contact with others.



Animals/Livestock/pets    (List as necessary)

Red III| Horse| Calm and patient | 16.3hh | Red chestnut thoroughbred | History

Gruffa | Dog | Protective and friendly | 7hh | Appearance | Purchased at market.

Coursa | Horse | Noble and proud.| 16hh | Bay, warhorse| Purchased at market after being trained for battle.

Sicra | Cat | A diva. | Height | Appearance | Showed up at his house one day and he could not get rid of her.




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Please make sure to reply and tag me if you make any edits to the character.

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